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DAN First Aid Training

Divers Alert Network First Aid Courses for Scuba Divers

Learn to respond to life-threatening conditions until professional medical care is available.

Be a Safe Scuba Diver

Train First Aid

People who dive as a part of their job or volunteer duties often need first-aid training to manage unique situations that may occur. DAN’s Diving First Aid Courses are designed for commercial, professional, aquarium and scientific divers, providing first-aid knowledge and skills specific to these work environments. They also provides rescue management skills for dive masters and dive instructors.

Developed by medical experts, DAN’s courses are easy to understand and designed to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to respond in emergency situations. DAN first aid courses prepare divers to manage injuries related to scuba diving.

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Divers Alert Network (DAN) is the world’s most recognised and respected dive safety organisation comprised of dive professionals and medical experts dedicated to supporting divers.

When you join Divers Alert Network (DAN), you get valuable benefits and support the diving community at the same time. DAN provides emergency medical advice as well as assistance and insurance for underwater diving injuries. DAN membership protects you against costly emergency medical expenses and supports dive safety research and assistance for scuba divers everywhere.

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